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In tonight’s Dispatches Jon Snow is investigating Britain’s worst landlords and reveals the shocking conditions in which tenants are forced to live.

In this undercover investigation, Jon Snow reports on the return of the slum landlord in 21st-century Britain. At a time when more people than ever are having to rent privately, unable to get on the property ladder, Dispatches reveals the shocking conditions in which tenants are forced to live.

Dispatches sends an undercover reporter to work for a rogue property empire in the north of England. He reveals a world of forced evictions, slum properties in dangerous condition, and routine bullying of tenants. Jon confronts the man raking in millions while his tenants suffer.

Dispatches also exposes an extraordinary new phenomenon: thousands of people living in illegal sheds, transforming parts of London into slums. A second undercover reporter lives in a squalid, illegal shed in London, paying £40 a week rent to another rogue landlord.

Dispatches lifts the lid on a world where unscrupulous landlords are exploiting the most vulnerable people in society and getting away with it.

‘Landlords from Hell’ will be shown tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 or catch it later on 4oD.

Note from Editor.

If you are visiting this site after watching the Dispatches programme, please take a look at links below. They are just a few examples of how local and central government deal with poor housing standards:

Below are examples of tenants who have addressed housing issues themselves: