• Do you take deposits for your property?

Surveys show that only about 6% of landlords win outright at adjudications! No wonder landlords often think that the adjudicators are biased against them!

However the problem is not adjudicator bias – many of them feel quite a lot of sympathy for the landlords. The problem is that they HAVE to make their decisions based on the paperwork and evidence provided to them.

And frequently the paperwork and evidence provided by landlords is not sufficient

Remember – the starting point is always that it is that the deposit is the tenant’s money. Landlords have to prove their right to claim for damage by producing compelling evidence.

The adjudicator never visits the property and makes his decision on the paperwork alone. It is ESSENTIAL that your paperwork and evidence is complete and conclusive. Many landlords however wholly fail to understand the need for this.

However, now help is at hand!

Tom Derrett – former adjudicator (and gamekeeper turned poacher) has written the definitive guide to getting the best possible result at adjudication


His new book, How to Win Deposit Disputes covers the following:-

  • Why landlords lose disputes
  • How the depsoit schemes differ
  • Separate chapters for disputes with the DPS and the insurance based schemes
  • When you need to go to court
  • The dispute process
  • How to analyse your claim
  • How much to claim (including guidance on how you can make the betterment rules work for you)
  • How to present your claim
  • How to respond to the tenant

As a former adjudicator himelf, Tom knows how they think and how they will approach your claim. After reading this book, so will you!

This book could save you thousands of pounds!

It is SO frustrating when tenants who have caused hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of pounds worth of damage get off scott free at adjudication, and you end up footing the bill.

If you follow the advice in this book, that shouldn’t happen again.

Remember its an ebook

How to Win Deposit Disputes is only provided in electronic format at present.

However when you buy you will get THREE versions:

  • A standard pdf
  • A ‘mobi’ version to read on your Kindle, and
  • An epub version (for other e readers)

So whatever device you use, there will be a version for you.

But its written by a lawyer! Surely it will be full of legal jargon and hard to understand text?

That is the beauty of this book. Tom can write in in a clear and easy to follow style. You will have no problem understanding it.

But don’t take our word for it! Download the first two chapters here and see for yourself!

But there’s more!

If you buy today you can get the following extra benefits:

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The Novice Guide to Court Hearings will help you if you decide not to go to adjudication for your deposit dispute and go to the Small Claims Court instead.

The Novice Guide to Court HearingsGet it for only £9! (Normal price £12)

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You could be reading it in under a minute!

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