BS EN ISO 9000:2005

Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary

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The BS EN ISO 9000 family of standards is primarily concerned with “quality management”. Everyone may have a slightly different idea as to what “quality” is, but in the standard the definition refers to all those features of a product (or service) which are required by the customer.

“Quality Management” means what the organization does to ensure that its products or services satisfy the customer’s quality requirements and comply with any regulations applicable to those products or services.

Used together the standards form a coherent quality management system (QMS), although they can also be used independently.

BS EN ISO 9000:2005 describes fundamentals of a QMS, which form the subject of the BS EN ISO 9000 family, and defines related terms.

BS EN ISO 9000 is the standard that describes the fundamentals of quality management systems, which form the subject of the ISO 9000 family of standards, and defines related terms.

BS EN ISO 9000  applies to the following:

  • Organizations seeking advantage through the implementation of a quality management system
  • Organizations seeking confidence from their suppliers that their product requirements will be satisfied
  • Users of the products
  • Those concerned with a mutual understanding of the terminology used in quality management (e.g. suppliers, customers, regulators)
  • Those internal or external to the organization who assess the quality management system or audit it for conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001 (e.g. auditors, regulators, certification/registration bodies)
  • Those internal or external to the organization who give advice or training on the quality management system appropriate to that organization
  • Developers of related standards.

BS EN ISO 9000:2005 supersedes BS EN ISO 9000:2000 which is withdrawn.

Contents of BS EN ISO 9000 includes:

  • Scope
  • Fundamentals of quality management systems
  • Terms and definitions
  • Methodology used in the development of the vocabulary
  • Bibliography
  • Alphabetical index