PD 5304:2005

Guidance on safe use of machinery

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What is PD 5304:2005?

PD 5304:2005 gives clear, practical guidelines to ensure a high standard of machinery and equipment safety. It looks at a range of health and safety requirements, ranging from the right selection of protective measures and safeguards, to hands-on examples of machine guard design and their applications. Describing a variety of protective measures, this standard also includes explanations of assessment methods and examines safety hazards. By complying with PD 5304, organizations can outline their maintenance and safe working practices to increase overall occupational safety.

How does it work?

PD 5304 helps organizations to strategically select the right protective measures according to their applications. The guidelines set out in this standard demonstrate how to do a risk assessment and identify all hazards – including machine design. It also covers guard design and construction, protective devices, interlocking considerations and safety related control devices.

Who should buy it?

  • Persons dealing with the safe use of machinery, including guards and safety devices
  • Persons responsible for the refurbishment and modification of machinery
  • Persons who develop and implement safe working practices
  • Ergonomic engineers and designers
  • Risk assessors
  • Safety engineers