Business Continuity Communications. Successful Incident Communication Planning with ISO 22301

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BSI AffiliateNo business continuity plan is complete without serious consideration given to how and what to communicate in the event of an incident or disruption. But how can you be sure that you will be able to communicate appropriately when the unexpected occurs?

The good news is that by understanding your own business, your audiences and the media, you can maintain or even enhance your reputation in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Business Continuity Communications delivers extensive media and communications expertise in a practical and easy-to-follow format that will enable you to put together a thorough incident communication plan that really works. It provides guidance on all key aspects of incident communications for both internal and external audiences. It also looks at the changing world of the media and incorporates a complete section on social networks.

Based on the requirements set out in the new international standard for business continuity management – ISO 22301 – and packed with practical examples, inside tips, checklists and templates, this book provides all of the tools needed to feel confident when communicating in a crisis, whatever the audience.

About the Author

Jim Preen is a businessman, consultant and journalist. He has worked for the US television station ABC News, where he won two Emmy awards. Jim is now Head of Media Services at Crisis Solutions, a UK-based crisis management company, where he writes incident communication plans and advises on all matters related to the media. He is also the editor of Business Continuity Exercises and Tests published by BSI.

What does this book include?

1. Types of Incident
2. Determining the Contents of your Plan
3. Press Gang
4. Strategy Layout
5. How the Strategy Migrates to a Plan
6. Press Conferences
7. Holding Statements, Press Releases and Templates
8. Coping with the Press Pack
9. Media Monitoring
10. Social Media
11. Call-takers
12. Information, Fact Sheets and General Know-how
13. Post-incident Evaluation
14. Testing the Plan
15. Communication Plan Checklist

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