A practical Guide to managing an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation)

Why buy this Guide and What will it do?

This Guide is for anyone considering investing in, or who already owns Houses of Multiple Occupation – whether they need to be licenced or not. It draws on five years’ worth of experience as an HMO Landlady with the added benefit of advice on how not to fall foul of the law from Ben Reeve-Lewis (tenant/landlord dispute negotiator, housing law trainer and consultant, property journalist and broadcaster).

For the novice HMO Landlord

The Guide covers everything you need to know about owning and running an HMO including:

  1. What is an HMO?
  2. Why buy and HMO and what does it involve?
  3. Who is the HMO market?
  4. Prices to charge and expected yield
  5. Pros and cons of HMO ownership
  6. Set up guide
  7. Advertising, starting a tenancy
  8. Rules of the House and effective management
  9. Importance of being a member of a landlord association
  10. HMOs and the Law – A brief and light-hearted synopsis of the law by Ben Reeve-Lewis, Housing Law Trainer and Consultant
  11. How to deal with anti-social behaviour
  12. How to ask a tenant to leave – legally!
  13. Ending a tenancy
  14. What makes an HMO successful?
  15. How not to become a rogue landlord!

Already an HMO Landlord?

You’ll probably have your own way of running your business, dealing with tenants and already be aware that the same housing law applies no matter what type of property you rent out. This Guide can still help you as it covers:

  1. Tips on how to deal with anti-social behaviour
  2. How to ask a tenant to leave legally
  3. How to apply the Housing Law to your HMO
  4. How not to become a Rogue Landlord!

It is for all those people who want to get into the HMO market due to the impressive returns, but have questions they are too afraid to ask! It addresses the rewards and challenges of owning HMOs, along with tips on how to ride the waves of good and bad tenants.