(Update Notes: Updated with additional data from 4 local authorities with a total of 62 inspections.)

theEHP consistently reported on Local Authority prosecutions. As part of our 2012 review, we have carried out an analysis of Environmental Health prosecution.

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Before we get started, its necessary to set a number of ground rules for the analysis. These rules have been set for ease of analysis and presentation. theEHP values all prosecutions reported and the hard work of all local authority staff. The ground rules are detailed below:

  1. This analysis only includes prosecutions were fines and/ or costs were awarded.
  2. Only prosecutions carried out by environmental health departments are included. Therefore, HSE, planning and FSA prosecutions are excluded.
  3. This analysis includes prosecutions that were posted on the site between 1st January 2012 and 4th December 2012 (date of our last newsletter of 2012).
  4. The victims surcharge is excluded from the calculation
  5. Smoking prosecutions have been separated from Public Health prosecution because Public Health fines significantly lower.
  6. Local Authority prosecutions were divided into the following eight categories:
  • Caravan Sites
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Housing
  • Illegal Eviction & Harassment
  • Public Health
  • Smoking

Number of Prosecutions

In the period a total of 224 Environmental Health prosecutions were reported on theEHP. These were undertaken by 81 local authorities (average of 2.8 prosecutions per LA). 32 (40%) local authorities carried out more than one prosecution. The highest number of prosecutions carried out by a single local authority was 36 – Caerphilly County Borough Council. Table 1 below details the number of prosecutions carried out by all councils. For display purposes, there is a link to a list of councils that carried out 1 prosecution.

Table 1

Number of Prosecutions

Number of LAs




Caerphilly County Borough Council



Salford City Council



City of York Council



Oxford City Council



Luton Council



Middlesbrough Council

Newham Council



Cornwall Council



Camden Council

Leeds City Council



Basildon Council

Cardiff Council

North Kesteven District Council

Pembrokeshire County Council

Stockton Council



Coventry City Council

Ealing Council

Haringey Council

Hillingdon Council

Huntingdonshire District Council

Oldham Council

Reading Borough Council

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Stafford Borough Council

Swansea Council



Belfast City Council

Birmingham City Council

Brighton & Hove City Council

Crawley Borough Council

Manchester City Council

Warwick District Council

Watford Borough Council



List of LAs Available


Fines, Costs, Totals & Averages – All Prosecutions

The 162 Environmental Health prosecutions resulted in a total of £2,095,823.40 fines and costs combined (hereafter referred to as ‘totals’). This figure was made up of £1,407,294.84 in fines and £578,811.56 in prosecution costs. The average fines, costs and totals are detailed in Table 2 below.

Table 2




Fines £17,981.34 £100.00 £355,000.00
Costs £7,681.49 £66.00 £149,353.00
Total £25,782.39 £166.00 £504,353.00


Fines, Costs, Totals & Averages – By Category

Table 3 below details the number of prosecutions, fines, costs and totals for each sector. Further analysis of the Environmental Protection, Food Safety, Health & safety and Housing categories are included below.

Table 3
Category Number of Prosecutions Fines Cost Total
Caravan Sites





Environmental Protection





Food Safety





Health & Safety










Illegal Eviction & Harassment





Public Health












Graph 1


Graph 2

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection prosecutions accounted for 29.0% (65) of all reported prosecutions.

Table 5 below details the averages for Environmental Protection prosecutions.

Table 5
  Mean Min Max
Fine £704.34 £0 £10,500.00
Cost £758.87 £40.00 £14,500.00
Total £1,395.67 £50.00 £25,000.00


Food Safety

Food Safety prosecutions accounted for 26.3% (59) of all reported prosecutions.

Table 6 below details the averages for Food Safety prosecutions.

Table 6
  Mean Min Max
Fine £6,720.19 £300.00 £54,000.00
Cost £2,733.15 £66.00 £21,265.00
Total £8,800.93 £300.00 £56,600.00


Health & Safety

Health & Safety prosecutions accounted for 6.3% (14) of all reported prosecutions.

Table 7 below details the averages for Health & Safety prosecutions

Table 7
  Mean Min Max
Fine £46,214.29 £3,000.00 £350,000.00
Cost £20,423.13 £2,500.00 £145,000.00
Total £66,166.71 £3,000.00 £495,000.00



Housing prosecutions accounted for 27.7% (62) of all reported prosecutions.

Table 8 below details the averages for Housing prosecutions.

Table 8
  Mean Min Max
Fine £5,804.78 £0 £51,000.00
Cost £1,575.95 £100.00 £8,500.00
Total £7,276.85 £125.00 £53,500.00

theEHP Statistical Release 2013

To include your local authorities’ data in our next statistical release please forward details of your prosecutions to mark@theehp.com. If your local authority does not produce press releases for prosecutions, if you provide the following basic details your data can form part of our next release.

  • Name of your LA
  • Date of prosecution
  • Name of person/ business prosecuted
  • Type of prosecution (food safety, health & safety, housing, etc)
  • Outline of the offence
  • Fine
  • Costs
  • Total fine

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our statistical releases.

Further Information

Local Authorities who carried out one prosecution

Aberdeenshire Council
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Bolsover District Council
Bracknell Forest Council
Bradford Council
Bromley Council
Cambridge City Council
Cherwell District Council
Cheshire West and Chester Council
Chesterfield Borough Council
Croydon Council
Darlington Borough Council
Greenwich Council
Halton Borough Council
Hammersmith & Fulham Council
Hull City Council
Ipswich Borough Council
Islington Council
Kingston Council
Lambeth Council
Leicester City Council
Liverpool City Council
Merton Council
Newark and Sherwood District Council
North Herts District Council
North Norfolk District Council
Norwich City Council
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council
Plymouth City Council
Portsmouth City Council
Preston City Council
Purbeck District Council
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Richmond Council
Royal Borough of Greenwich
Rugby Borough Council
Sandwell Council
Scarborough Borough Council
Sheffield City Council
South Hams District Council
Southwark Council
Spelthorne Council
Teignbridge District Council
Three Rivers District Council
Thurrock Council
Wandsworth Council
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council
Wolverhampton City Council


Additional Graphs