The NHS Leicester City/Leicester City Council Trust Tobacco Control Coordination Group commissioned a report on the current research in Shisha Smoking. An executive summary is provided below and the full report is attached.

Shisha Smoking
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Waterpipe or shisha smoking is often considered a safe and harmless alternative to cigarette smoking. As a result more and more people are smoking shisha, particularly students and people in higher education.

Although there is insufficient high quality research studies to show definitively that WPS is harmful, or as harmful as cigarettes, increasing amounts of evidence are suggesting that the effects that WPS has on the body are similar to those of cigarette smoke.

At the moment there is no national policy to raise awareness about WPS and many people do not understand that it may have a harmful effect on their own and other people’s health around them.

This report recommends that more information is provided for people on WPS and that health care staff take more care in asking their patients about WPS.

The full report (PDF) ‘Waterpipe smoking (Shisha): Potential effects and recommendations for further action’ is available here.