Respondent: London Borough of Islington
Appellant: Mr A Alsaad of Elsaad Engineering
Subject Property: Upper Maisonette, 52 Seven Sisters Road, London, N7 6AA
Date of Application:
Date of Decision: 15th May 2013
Case Ref: LON/00AU/HPO/2012/0020 & LON/00AU/HIN/2012/0036

This case relates to an Appeal against an Improvement Notice and Prohibition Order issued by London Borough of Islington.The Prohibition Order related to a room that was too small for use as a dwelling  because of restricted head height and the lack a stair rail.

The Improvement Notice related to Category 1 hazards of Excess Cold and Fire Safety. Also a Category 2 hazard that required works to a chimney stack.

The tribunal dismissed that appeals against the Improvement Notice and Prohibition Order.

Decision file available here (Word).