This report details an analysis of Local Authority prosecutions identified or reported to theEHP for the calendar year 2013. The focus of this report is on the financial penalties awarded as a result of Local Authority prosecutions.

LA Prosecution Stats 2013
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To include your local authorities’ data in the next report please forward details of your prosecutions to [email protected]. If your local authority does not produce press releases for prosecutions, please provide the following details.

  • Name of your LA
  • Date of prosecution
  • Name of person/ business prosecuted
  • Type of prosecution (food safety, health & safety, housing, etc)
  • Outline of the offence
  • Fine
  • Costs
  • Total (sum of fine & costs)

theEHP welcomes any suggestions on how this report can be improved.


In 2013, a total of 270 Environmental Health prosecutions were identified by theEHP. These prosecutions were undertaken by 82 Local Authorities (average of 3.3 prosecutions per Local Authority). 58 (71%) Local Authorities carried out more than one prosecution. The highest number of prosecutions carried out by a single Local Authority was 25 by Hull City Council.

  • Housing prosecutions accounted for 38.5% (104) of all prosecutions identified.
  • Food Safety prosecutions accounted for 33.0% (89) of all prosecutions identified.
  • Environmental Protection prosecutions accounted for 20.7% (56) of all prosecutions identified.
  • Health & Safety prosecutions accounted for 4.4% (12) of all prosecutions identified.

The complete report is available here (PDF).