Future Climate and CURE at Manchester University have published a report about energy and fuel poverty policy in relation to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HIMO). The report focuses on energy vulnerability in HIMOs.

HIMO Energy Issues & Policy
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Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy focuses on energy vulnerability in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The report is a review of the academic literature and current policy
framework, as well as an extensive series of stakeholder interviews.


Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) have been marginalised in energy efficiency and fuel poverty policy making. This is despite the vulnerability of many people living in shared housing and the poor condition of the HMO stock. Standard definitions of fuel poverty, based on income and required energy spend, do not apply where multiple households use common facilities and bills are included in rent or shared. This study gathers evidence to document energy vulnerability in HMOs and then assesses how these properties can be brought more fully into the reach of the energy and fuel poverty policy framework.

  • The summary report is available (PDF) here.
  • The final report is available (PDF) here.