I have search Amazon and compiled a list of the top environmental health book deals. You can find more environmental health book deals here.

Latest Environmental Health Book Deals-s

1. The A-Z of Food Safety – From £3.16 (Up to 84% off RRP)

What is this book about? We currently live in an increasingly litigious society, and the legal and practical risks associated with food safety are becoming complex and significant areas of concern for health officers and food business owners. This book is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the field of study, fully upto-date with all the latest developments in UK and European legislation. With an extensive topic-by-topic index format, this book will prove an accessible source of reference for all food-related queries. The author explains how best to conform to regulations and offers relevant practical advice under each topic heading. Who should read this book? Environmental health and trading standards officers, all sectors of the food production and retailing industry, the catering industry, the educational sector and other areas the public sector, students and academics, lawyers specialising in this area.


2. Dampness in Buildings: Diagnosis, Treatment, Instruments – From £6.58 (Up to 67% off RRP)

Dampness in Buildings Explains the nature of dampness in buildings, how to diagnose a dampness problem before it gets out of hand and how to deal with it. This book covers the problems of rising dampness and condensation. It is aimed at surveyors, architects, builders, housing managers and health inspectors.


3. E.coli: Environmental Health Issues of VTEC 0157 (Clay’s Library of Health & the Environment) – From £37.85 (Up to 66% off RRP)

The control of E.coli 0157 is at the heart of the environmental health practitioner’s professional agenda. This book is aimed at health professionals who need to be fully informed about the sources and effects of the organism in order to provide advice and enforce legislation at local level as well as providing non specialist professionals with a practical introduction to the terminology, methods and issues surrounding the diagnosis and control of E.coli.


4. Understanding Food Hygiene and Safety Regulations 2014 Edition: A Guide for Food Businesses – From £6.84 (Up to 66% off)

The Guide which has been fully updated to reflect the very latest rules, was written to help food operators fully understand and comply with the Regulations in a simple and cost effective way, because keeping up to date with the ever-changing Regulations can be difficult and the challenge is to know and understand them. Research has shown that there is confusion between Regulations (what you have to do) and Best Practice (what it might be good to do). This guide includes chapters on:- Registration, HACCP, Traceability, Premises, Equipment, Personal Hygiene, Health and Safety, Labelling, Allergens and Training.


5. Food Hygiene – From £6.18 (Up to 61% off)

Food hygiene training is essential for anyone who handles food as part of their work and as such is a crucial element of many courses. Such courses include a whole range of Hospitality & Catering awards as well as certain Care programmes and specialist food hygiene certificates.


6. The 1930s House Manual – From £10.99 (Up to 50% off RRP)

The 1930s house is a design icon and the first truly modern British home, with over three million built. But many are now in need of ‘essential repairs’. Problems like cavity wall tie failure, corroded metal windows, unstable bays, collapsing drains and subsidence are well-known, but how can you tell if your house has major defects or is just typical for its age? Forget ‘makeovers’: this easy-to-use manual shows where to look for danger signs, what’s ‘normal’ and what isn’t, and how to fix common defects. You’ll also be able to talk the same language as builders and property professionals. This is the first book to cover logically all defects common to 1930s houses.


7. The Damp House: A Guide to the Causes and Treatment of Dampness – From £9.01 (Up to 47% off)

The Damp House Dampness can become an enemy when it invades our interior space, when it persists, it spreads and damages our domestic fittings, finishes and furnishings, and it stimulates the spread of fungus and decay in the structure of our houses. This is a guide to the causes and treatment of dampness.


8. Recognising Wood Rot and Insect Damage in Buildings: (BR 453) – From £20.64 (Up to 45% off)

First published in 2003


9. Period Property Manual: Care and repair of old houses (Haynes Manual) – From £11.88 (Up to 45% off RRP)

Period Property Manual Britain has a wonderfully rich stock of period houses – everything from medieval cottages to Georgian townhouses and Edwardian mansions. But many of these historic properties are now at risk. This title shows how to explore your home’s history and strip back modern finishes to reveal long lost original features.


10. Foundations, Basements and External Works: Performance, Diagnosis, Maintenance, Repair and the Avoidance of Defects (BR 440) (Bre Building Elements 440 440) – From £25.00 (Up to 47% off)

It is true to say that all sites are different – perhaps that every site is unique. To perform satisfactorily the buildings built on those sites need to be different too. These differences are reflected not only in the superstructures but also in the variety of foundations developed to accommodate different ground conditions. BRE Building Elements: Foundations provides building professionals with practical details about those parts of buildings in direct contact with the ground, including foundations and basements, together with external works. The descriptions and advice given in this book concentrate on best practice and include wind and rainfall, wastewater, surface water drains, basements, cellars and underground buildings, public and other utilities, walls, fencing and security devices, hard and soft landscaping.