Asad Aria, owner of Simo’s Pizza, 67 Brignall Moor Cresent has been prosecuted for food hygiene offences based on conditions found during a programmed inspection on 3 February 2014.

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  • Council: Darlington Borough Council
  • Fine: £1,200
  • Costs: £370
  • Total: £1,570

These were:

  1. Premises not kept clean;
  2. Equipment not kept clean;
  3. Food handlers not wearing suitable protective overclothing;
  4. Not implementing a food safety management system

When the council previously inspected the premises in March 2012 it was owned by another person and Mr Aria admitted that he had failed to register the food business during the 12 months he had been the owner. He was fined £300 for each offence, £370 costs and £120 victim  surcharge

Cllr McEwan said “It’s important that owners of food businesses register their business with the Council and take-up the free advice given by our environmental health officers on how to comply with food safety legislation.

“The vast majority of catering premises in Darlington comply with food hygiene legislation and respond positively to advice they are given. However, if they fail to meet these standards, the Council will take action to protect the health of the public.”