Episode 2 of theEHP Podcast is finally here. This time its more natural and relaxed. Even better, you can now earn CIEH CPD points for listening & interacting with the podcast.

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The podcast is hosted by Mark Williams and is all about lessons learned. Firstly, there is a short discussion about the lessons learned from recording the first podcast and the changes that will be made. Then there is a short discussion about the lessons learned while starting a new businesses.

The main discussion topic of the podcast is about the lessons learned from being one of the many consultants who lost money when the employment agency Papillon Group went into administration.

The total length of the podcast is around 34 minutes. Intro & outro music by Lionhead Studios.

What New: CPD On The Move

Members of the CIEH can now earn CPD points by listening to and interacting with theEHP’s Podcasts. theEHP’s Podcasts are free for all to download or stream. If you wish to earn CPD points, you will be required to:

  • listen to the entire podcast,
  • interact with the podcast as required, &
  • pay a small administration fee to receive the CPD certificate.

Instructions on the method of interaction are explained within each podcast.

For the first CPD On The Move (CPD OTM) you can earn 1 hours worth of CPD points. To earn the CPD you will be required to listen to episodes 1 & 2 of theEHP’s Podcast and interact in the methods explained in the podcasts (Terms & Conditions Below).  theEHP Podcast 1: An introduction & a discussion is available here.

The Podcast

Click the play button below to stream the podcast:


You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

Request Your CPD Certificate

1 Hour CPD for Episodes 1 & 2 of theEHP Podcast

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Terms & Conditions

By making this payment you are certifying that you have:

  • Listened to the entire podcast(s); and
  • Interacted with the podcast(s) as required.

CPD Certificates will only be released once theEHP is satisfied that the buyer has interacted with a podcast as required.

Once your payment is received and processed, you will receive your CDP Certificate within 7 days via the email address supplied.